Our Services

GHD manages all aspects of the hotel facility, from selection to supply of personnel, from complete administration of activities to staff and internal service management, as well as operational management.

Before opening

Feasibility analysis

GHD adopts a technical/tourist profile, against the due diligence to be carried out inside the hotel. Initial project guidelines are verified and drafted with the owners.

Project optimization

All of the details leading up to the project's realization are outlined, including the various steps and the timing of each phase. It is critical to define every aspect in this step so that nothing is left to chance.

Business start-up

Prior to the opening, all the launch related activities are managed and finalized: from the work to be done to the permits, from project initiation to the management of the social aspect and marketing. All of these steps must be taken for any type of tourism business.

Consulting and Advisory for real estate investments in the hotel industry.

GHD is also on your side when it comes to acquiring new hotel facilities (both closed ones and those being put up for sale). We can take over and relaunch facilities that have lost their initial momentum or have no plans to move forward, allowing them to become (or return to) profitable.

During the opening


Our consulting and due diligence enable us to audit business budgets and direct the efforts to restoring the business's profits and ensuring that the budget always closes with a growing surplus year after year.


GHD is also in charge of conducting and providing training courses for all departments, including specific courses such as: Food and Beverage Management, Hotel Reception Management, Human Resource Management, and many others.

Due diligence and corporate reorganization activities

First GHD Management enters the hotel to assess the situation and then presents the current state of affairs to the client, as well as a roadmap to improve the business and the necessary tools to do so (structural, know-how of the management of the software part of the facility).

Quality assurance and testing

With GHD you can set quality standards so that adequate services are put in place based on the category of accommodation facilities and thanks to our hands-on and training experience.

Personnel selection

We also handle staff recruitment by carefully selecting candidates in order to identify the best profiles in the market and make them available to the hotel business.

Procurement and service provision

GHD also accompanies you along the winding path of procurement and assists you in selecting the best service supplies for management or staff who will look after the hotel or restaurant.

Management and Marketing

Management by management contract

When it comes to the complete management of the hotel structure, GHD will be your go-to partner. Suppose the structure's owner no longer wants to oversee its operations. In that case, GHD takes over, with all the responsibilities that entail (such as being the referent - including tax - of the structure itself).

Management under a property lease or rental agreement

GHD doesn't just keep track of the hotel's operational aspects: if there is a lease or rental agreement in place, GHD also handles the facility's routine and special maintenance along with managerial and personnel planning tasks.

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